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  • The preferred rental agent

    Learn how to produce prospective tenants into agency advocates, convert your listings, and produce and create cheerful clients

  • From inspection to... we love it

    Learn how to list the keys to a successful ‘Open for Inspection’, explain how to manage vacant and occupied properties for rent, and identify property features to sell the property

  • Application - diligent processing

    Learn how to distinguish, confirm and check the ‘vital signs’, conclude the process to a swift conclusion, and explain the significance of the agreement

  • Entry inspection

    Learn how to record consistent, comprehensive and accurate property descriptions and conditions, produce consistency and time affluence, and summarise how to prepare an inventory

  • Tenancy agreement

    Learn how to list details required for communication, apply communication for everything, determine accurate paper file management including tenancy agreement, and verify successful execution of tenancy agreement

  • Rented - completing the process

    Learn how to identify the ‘point in time’ when property is confirmed as leased, plan and complete the process, and verify completion of all tasks

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