The ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy (iiIPMA) has been designed to teach the 'how' and 'why' of property management. This training is unique because it has been developed around the ireviloution System. However, you do not need to licence this system in order to use or receive the benefits from this training. Relevant regardless of where you are located in the world, iiIPMA teaches the objectives, outcomes, tasking and timelines for every property management task. The interactive online learning environment ensures that you and your team obtain extensive knowledge and skills to operate a successful property management business and Agency By Choice.

What you receive

  • World-class online training product including assessment and completion notifications

  • Business Leader focused 'Business and Leadership' program consisting of 8 courses

  • 8 property management team focused 'Operational' programs, consisting of 28 courses

  • Self-paced to allow flexibility for participants

  • Competency-focused learning and assessment

  • Automated reporting of participants' results

  • Learning outcomes are measurable for participants

  • Training is targeted, role-specific and relevant to 'real world' application

  • Training can be undertaken in the workplace without incurring offsite costs

  • Business Leaders can monitor learning being achieved by their team

  • Applied adult learning principles into learning material and presentations

  • Unlimited access to online learning product by participants for ongoing reference

Two training streams

The Business and Leadership Stream is specifically developed for you, the Business Leader. It consists of 8 courses.

The Operational Stream is designed for your property management team. It has 8 programs with a total of 28 courses.


0ne of the unique features of this training is its ability to measure the competency of participants. Scenario-type, case studies, role-related situation questions with multiple choice, True/False answers, and phrase-gap selection are used to ensure that participants transfer their knowledge and understanding to their individual workplace and role. A major advantage of the training is its ability to report each participant's competency and completion to the Business Leader.


  • Jo-Anne Oliveri

    Founder and Managing Director, ireviloution intelligence

    Jo-Anne Oliveri

    Jo-Anne Oliveri, an internationally recognised and awarded property management business specialist with over 25 years of real estate and property management industry experience, facilitates extensive and detailed training courses of the "A to Z" processes of being an Agency By Choice (ABC). 

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