Heroes of Hope

is an initiative of the RISE TaskForce

Property management industry leaders have joined forces to create a global taskforce to steer the industry safely through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The RISE TaskForce was founded to unite global industry leaders and empower property management professionals around the world to proactively respond to the crisis.

RISE stands for resilient, innovative, strategic and empowering because that is exactly what this taskforce aims to be and deliver to the property management industry during this challenging time and into the future.

Why Heroes of Hope?

During RISE TaskForce weekly collaborations, it became increasingly apparent that property management business owners and their teams were starting to lose hope for the future with signs of mental fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Following TaskForcers' discussions and brainstorming, Heroes of Hope was formed.

What is Heroes of Hope?

Heroes of Hope is a collection of short complimentary training videos to provide property management business leaders with powerful resources to address, deal with, or offer solutions for the following concerns and challenges.

  • Stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, depression and fear about your business

  • Growth of your business during and beyond the pandemic

  • Maintaining business control, accountability and leadership with remote teams

  • Understanding and implementing technology

  • Protecting the brand while maintaining brand consistency

  • Remaining calm and in control as the business leader

Meet a Hero of Hope


Richard Flint

Richard Flint is on a mission (he calls it a Crusade) to help people have their best life possible. He knows how through his own experience. Rejected by his birth mother and abandoned at 16 by his adopted family, Richard has overcome challenges most of us find shocking – to live a fulfilling life. As one of Americaʼs top personal development speakers and coaches (he travels and speaks over 210 times per year and personally coaches many businesses and individuals from the road), Richard has been successfully mentoring and quietly helping large and small businesses and individuals for over 30 years. He is also the author of “Making Your Life Simply Simple” – 6 Steps to Achieving The Simple Life.

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'Strengthening your hope' by Richard Flint

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